Monday, November 9, 2015

CarnageCon 2015

Just got back from this years CarnageCon.  I ran a game set days of WWII, a Nazi cult is attempting to use a collection of artifacts to open a dimensional portal at Stonehenge! Their goal is to draw out an otherworldly uber beast to use as a WMD in conjunction with the ongoing blitzkrieg. Players could play as the Relic Hunters, adventurers set to retrieve the artifacts; The Beyonders, occult specialists; Screaming Eagles' Commandos, British commandos; OSS strike team, a US elite squad; OR as the Nazi cultist and their security squad. 


Friday, September 25, 2015



Here is my attempt at creating Stonehenge for an upcoming  Pulp Alley game

It all started with these innocent pieces of foam

Next I covered the foam with Spackle.  Next i primed the pieces, which tuned out to be a little bit of a problem.  I used a grey primer, which was too dark to the next coat.

Here are the pieces after i used a faux stone paint 

These guys need 2 coats due to the dark primer

Next I set up the pieces in the closest way to the real Stonehenge as I could.  At this point I installed magnets on the bottom of the pieces, with a corresponding washers on the board.  This makes the board very easy to travel with.

close to the end.  Here i have installed the grass mat and the road (sand paper).  I also took some small gravel and painted with the same "stone" paint to help flesh out the full circles.  Kind of odd painting rocks with a faux stone paint, but it adds to the completeness

Still a little work to be done

Let me know what you think!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cool Creature!!
Ok so my wife is really awesome!!  She made this creature for the pulp game I'm working on.  It is made from sculpey clay.  Her paint job totally rocks. 
 The alter is made from air dry clay and beads.  It still needs some paint.
I'll post the final version once it is completed.

The wife rocks!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


OK here are some pics of WIP for a pulp game I'm working on.  While not completed they are far enough along to share
Meet Prof Infinite, leader of The Beyonders . Think Dr. Strange as played by Danny Diveto
 This is Quinn, a construct from the future. He only responds to the Prof. His hand converts into a gun 

Melissa is the Prof's assistant
 And finally Clarissa, the Prof's caretaker and keeper of Daisy, a bitey house plant
 Dallas Tucker is the leader of the Relic Hunters
More to Follow

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Whos mad?

In what seems to be a hot trend (one I'm happy about) here are some post-apocalyptic cars for use in Axles and Alloys. Some of these are mine and some are my sons.

My son made this and I made the truck below.  He kept telling me that he didn't like my spike plate and he had a better idea.  Usually that ends with him getting pissed and I help him finish something.  BUT this time he was right.  I love the way his spike plate came out, very epic.  Way to go E-man!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Another game from 2015 GZG ECC

We Played Axles and Alloys,  there were explosions aplenty
Los Banditos

And this is after turn 1

While at the years (2015) GZG ECC my son and I played in an Aliens Miniatures Battle.  It was very cool Here are some pics
Sweeping the mine
Do you hear something
Cool APC
Alien Attack!!
Finding the power loader