Friday, September 25, 2015



Here is my attempt at creating Stonehenge for an upcoming  Pulp Alley game

It all started with these innocent pieces of foam

Next I covered the foam with Spackle.  Next i primed the pieces, which tuned out to be a little bit of a problem.  I used a grey primer, which was too dark to the next coat.

Here are the pieces after i used a faux stone paint 

These guys need 2 coats due to the dark primer

Next I set up the pieces in the closest way to the real Stonehenge as I could.  At this point I installed magnets on the bottom of the pieces, with a corresponding washers on the board.  This makes the board very easy to travel with.

close to the end.  Here i have installed the grass mat and the road (sand paper).  I also took some small gravel and painted with the same "stone" paint to help flesh out the full circles.  Kind of odd painting rocks with a faux stone paint, but it adds to the completeness

Still a little work to be done

Let me know what you think!!