Monday, April 10, 2017

GZG ECC 2017 Part 1

March bring one of my favorite conventions, Ground Zero Games East Coast Convention.  Taking place in Owego NY, this is a small con that is my fav.  More focus is on having fun than beating the other guy.  check out the link for more info.

So this year I ran 2 events, the first of which was an Axel's & Alloys game called "I'm your ice cream man".
        In the hot and dusty future, only one this is better than being shiny and chrome, its ice cream. Our local despot (Immortan Jon) awaits the latest shipment of the refreshing treat (just don't ask where they get the milk), rival gangs attempt to hijack the shipment before it reaches his compound. Are you MAD enough to hijack the frozen gold, of are you ready to ride in to Valhalla protecting Immortan Jon's tasty treats?

I don't have a full AAR, but here are some pictures.  I forgot to take pictures so these are courtesy of Jerry Han and Mark "Indy" Kochte.
Here I am, waiting for the players to show
Cars ready to be choosen

Here is the war rig with escort vehicle ready for their run home 

Part of the gauntlet that the was rig has to face 

The chase is on

Sooo close, but the war rig couldn't quite make it home. 
At the end of it all everyone had a great time.

Up Next part 2 with a Pulp Alley Game.

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