Wednesday, April 12, 2017

GZG ECC 2017 Part 2

March bring one of my favorite conventions, Ground Zero Games East Coast Convention.  Taking place in Owego NY, this is a small con that is my fav.  More focus is on having fun than beating the other guy.  check out the link for more info.

The second game I ran was a Pulp Alley game called "Hitler's Death Ray-inator".

        Somewhere on a mountain top in the German Alps, Hitler has a team of scientists working on a weapon that could tip the scales of the war. Your Mission is to infiltrate the secret base with one of these leagues, Screaming Eagles' Commandos- British commandos; OSS strike team, a US elite squad; The Rocket Patrol, a US Racketeering squad, or the Black Bears, a Russian spec ops squad. They will retrieve scientists and destroy the base OR are you a rooting for the AXIS and have them defend their lair and fire their ultimate weapon. Rules will be taught for this Pulp inspired skirmish game using 28mm scale figures.

I don't have a full AAR, but here are some pictures.  I forgot to take pictures so these are courtesy of Jerry Han and Mark "Indy" Kochte.

Learning the rules
Moments before the battle

Getting ready to fire the Death Ray-inator

Rocketeers ready to strike

Scientist ready the great weapon

Scottish Highlanders ready for a fight.
One of the objectives is to blow up 3 computer stations

Reactor Room
One of the other objectives is to destroy at lease one of the reactors

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